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The History of the Legacy Company

The concept of an educational/entertaining show which showcases the
history of Black music, was first introduced to Maggie in the form of a
television show which her father hosted titled ‘From Jumpstreet.’ Produced
in the 70’s on PBS, this 13-part series was about the history of Black music.
In 1985, Maggie and her brother put together a show for Urban Gateways’
Touring Performances Program which loosely highlighted various African
American music styles from early to modern times. In 1991 Maggie returned
to the idea. After several months of research and gathering musical material
and information, she created an in-depth anthology of the evolution of African
American music. Brown was then invited by the Education Department of
Chicago’s Field Museum of Natural History to make her presentation in their
World Music Program. The show premiered there in October 1991.

The show is exciting and intelligent entertainment for adults and children
alike. Inspired by the need to know and teach more about the history and
contributions of African Americans, Miss Browns’ presentation is meant
to ‘edutain’, to uplift the human spirit with music and song. To tell a story
that will heighten understanding of the wealth and contribution to American
culture, which is found in creations such as Work Songs, Spirituals, Blues,
Ragtime and Jazz. Maggie has perfected her LEGACY presentation with
her grand range and polished vocals. Maggie Brown is a soulful teacher,
delivering her musical message with a theatrical style which is rare. The kind
of theatrical interpretation that leaves the audience inspired and moved, even